What’s On: Morrisons Agri Centre

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With lots of exciting activities to suit all ages, a visit to Morrisons Agri Centre cannot be missed at The Royal Cheshire Show,

We’re delighted that this year’s Agri Centre Principal Partner is Morrisons. Morrisons will be supporting the Agri Centre’s ‘Plough to Plate’ theme and will have their own exhibit which includes a fruit and veg display.

At the front of Morrisons Agri Centre, a Red Tractor will be surrounded by the crops farmers grow to produce food such as wheat, barley, oats, beans, maize, oil seed rape and potatoes. All the crops will have a display of all the tasty everyday products that are made with these crops. Cheshire farmers are proud to support The Red Tractor banner of Great Food produced by Great British Farmers and there will be five huge Red ‘Massey Ferguson’ Tractors at The Show kindly provided by RVW Pughs.

Inside the marquee, visitors can get close up to our favourite farm animals such as sheep, cows and calves, sow and piglets, hens and chickens and also goslings (baby geese). On both days there are four demonstrations which last over an hour that start at 10.00am and finish at 3.00pm.

Visitors can come and see the cows being milked, how much grass cows eat, the calves being fed, watch the sheep having their winter woolly coats shaved off as well as our resident vets from Liverpool Veterinary University on hand to give regular health checks for all the animals. During the demonstrations, fresh cool milk will be handed out by the marvellous charity The Milkmaid Marchers.

Also in the Agri Centre, Taste Cheshire will be offering cooking demonstrations to schools who visit The Show with their resident celebrity chef, Emma Shawcross. There will also be delicious pork recipes cooked for tasting by Ladies in Pigs (LIPS) or an ice cream made from brown cows.

To book your tickets for this year’s event, held Tuesday 18th and Wednesday 19th June, please click here.