What’s On Guide: Sainsbury’s Agri Centre at the Royal Cheshire County Show 2016

Cheshire Show 2014 Day 2 030

More than 20,000 people are expected to take part in the exciting and innovative agricultural activities inside the Sainsbury’s Agri Centre at this year’s Royal Cheshire County Show.

In the lead up to and throughout the event on June 21 and 22, the Sainsbury’s Agri Centre will be the responsibility of Chief Steward Stuart Yarwood and a team of up to eight volunteers.

“The Agri Centre started in 2000 to act as a stop-gap between the Show’s agricultural and non-agricultural stands,” Mr Yarwood said.

“It began with seminars and advice for farmers but we’ve since opened it up to the public and it has been extremely well received.

“People are genuinely interested to know where their food comes from – our from ‘Plough to Plate’ experience truly does give an insightful and interesting overview.

“The Royal Cheshire County Show is the only agricultural show still attended by Sainsbury’s which we’re also incredibly proud of.”

The following three initiatives will be incorporated within the Sainsbury’s Agri Centre on June 21-22:

Student teaching

Around 40 student teachers from the University of Chester will attend via the Farming and Countryside Education teacher-training programme, sponsored by Sygenta and ECM.

They will learn through theory and practice how to conduct a class visit with students to an agricultural show or farm that works in with the national curriculum covering areas such as food production, environment, sustainability, safety and geography.

City student visit

A bursary sponsored by HSBC, Creamline Dairies, North West Farmers’ Trust and the Royal Cheshire County Show will permit 150 students from St Paul’s Church of England Primary School in Salford to attend the Show to enjoy a countryside experience.

“We choose an inner-city school where most students haven’t had the opportunity to get out into the countryside previously,” Mr Yarwood said.

“A visit of this nature builds links between the city and country and will hopefully inspire other inner-city schools to see the educational value in attending an agricultural show such as ours to learn about food production, farming, and possible career pathways.”

Red Tractor

A partnership between the Royal Cheshire County Show, Massey Ferguson tractors and The Red Tractor will literally bring iconic The Red Tractor to the Show!

“It’s a common sense partnership – Massey Ferguson make red tractors and of course, the Red Tractor is the national symbol of assured British foods,” Mr Yarwood said.

The ‘Red Tractor’ branded red tractor will be on display at the Sainsbury’s Agri Centre.

CheshireShow Agri centre

Cheshire Agricultural Society Chairman Tony Garnett DL ARAgS said: “The Sainsbury’s Agri Centre is ideal for us as food producers to demonstrate how our produce is transformed as it goes from the farm, to the supermarket, and then to plates where it’s enjoyed by people around the country and the world.

“We really appreciate the time and effort of everyone involved in the Agri Centre who bring it to life for visitors with their knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm for food and farming.”

Things to see and do inside the Sainburys Agri Centre:

  • –  Sheep shearing demonstrations
  • –  Calf feeding
  • –  Visit the Nickerson’s Education Hub to see how potatoes, wheat, barley and maize are grown from seed and the food products we derive from them
  • –  Cheese making demonstrations
  • –  Handle fluffy day-old chicks
  • –  View cow milking by Cheshire farmers who are part of Sainsbury’s Sustainable Development Group
  • –  Milk sampling
  • –  Butchering demonstrations by butcher John Mettrick – see how joints are selected and prepared
  • –  Cheese sampling
  • –  Taste deliciously refreshing ice cream from Swiss Brown cows
  • –  Try tasty pork recipes prepared by the Ladies in Pig in conjunction with butcher John Mettrick
  • –  Take a peek at a sow and her cute piglets

Demonstrations/presentations including milking, feeding calves, sheep shearing, veterinary care, butchery, ice cream making, brewing beer and bread making will take place at 10.00am, 11.30pm, 1.00pm and 2.30pm.

Everyone is welcome to listen to Cheshire farming celebrities speak about their animals and the high-quality food they produce for us.

Don’t miss a visit to the Sainsbury’s Agri Centre, easily found at the heart of the Show’s agricultural traders area.

Tickets to the Royal Cheshire County Show on June 21-22 are now available online at the Shows website and discounts apply for early purchase  visit the ‘Ticket’ section of this website to purchase yours now.

See you at the Show!