Virtual Show Competition Information

Classes are open now! All Livestock and Horse classes close on midnight on Thursday 11th June 2020

Our entries are now open! All you need to do to enter is make an account on Cloud Lines Shows, and you can request exhibitor access to the Show by clicking the Join Show button and selecting the classes that you would like to enter. You can then upload your photographs and video and submit them to the appropriate classes.

Please use current media rather than imagery from previous Show seasons. For Horse classes please wear appropriate clothing for the class which you are entering.

Preferred requirements for each entry would be a photo from the front and back, then the left hand and right hand sides and a short video clip. No age restrictions on livestock apart from where specified. All stock must come from registered breeding.


Find helpful videos showing how to sign up, request access to a Show, and how to submit your entry at this page:

We respectfully ask that all competitors remember that the judges’ decision is final. This is an online event providing a wonderful opportunity to showcase your animals and to participate in competitions during these unusual circumstances. However, as the judges will not be able to handle animals physically, decisions will be based on judges’ choice alone, reasons for the choice of winners will be provided. We hope you enjoy our virtual show!

Competition Classes

C1 Beef Cattle – Bull
C2 Beef Cattle – Female
C3 Dairy Cattle – Female
C4 Rare Breeds Cattle – Bull
C5 Rare Breeds Cattle – Female
C6 Cattle Young Handlers (11 And Under)
C7 Cattle Young Handlers (16 And Under)

G1 Dairy Goats – Female
G2 Dairy Goats – Male
G3 Pygmy Goats – Female
G4 Pygmy Goats – Male
G5 Goat Young Handlers (11 And Under)
G6 Goat Young Handlers (16 And Under)

Heavy Horses
HH1 Colt Or Filly Foal Heavy Horse Born In 2020 – In Hand
HH2 Colt, Stallion Or Gelding Heavy Horse, 1 Year Old Or Over – In Hand
HH3 Filly, Barren Mare Or Brood Mare Heavy Horse – In Hand
HH4 Heavy Horse Young Handler Aged 12–18 – In Hand

P1 Modern Pigs – Female
P2 Modern Pigs – Male
P3 Traditional Pigs – Female
P4 Traditional Pigs – Male
P5 Pig Young Handlers (11 And Under)
P6 Pig Young Handlers (16 And Under)

S1 Continental Sheep – Female
S2 Continental Sheep – Male
S3 Hill & Upland Sheep – Female
S4 Hill & Upland Sheep – Male
S5 Lowland & Down Sheep – Female
S6 Lowland & Down Sheep – Male
S7 Sheep Young Handlers (11 And Under)
S8 Sheep Young Handlers (16 And Under)

Light Horses
LH01 In Hand Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds
LH02 Ridden Mountain & Moorland Small Breeds
LH03 In Hand Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds
LH04 Ridden Mountain & Moorland Large Breeds
LH05 Lead Rein / First Ridden Mountain & Moorland
LH06 Veteran Horse / Pony
LH07 In Hand Sports Horse
LH08 Ridden Sports Horse
LH09 In Hand Skewbald / Piebald
LH10 Ridden Skewbald / Piebald
LH11 In Hand Arab Purebred / Partbred / Anglo Arab
LH12 Ridden Arab Purebred / Partbred / Anglo Arab
LH13 Ridden Hunter (Lightweight / Middleweight / Heavyweight)
LH14 In Hand Show / Show Hunter Pony
LH15 Ridden Show / Show Hunter Pony
LH16 Lead Rein / First Ridden Show / Show Hunter Pony
LH17 In Hand Traditional Coloured Horse / Pony
LH18 Ridden Traditional Coloured Horse / Pony
LH19 Shetland Ponies
LH20 Young Handler (11 years and under)
LH21 Young Handler (16 years and under)
LH22 Donkeys
LH23 Open Driving Class
LH24 In Hand Hunter (Lightweight / Middleweight / Heavyweight)

Dogs – Entries close on Friday 5th June

Enter the Dog Show here on The Royal Cheshire County Show Dog Section page.

We will be having 2 competitions. One for KC registered pedigree dogs the other for any dog, consisting of novelty classes. The classes will be as follows.

Pedigree Classes
The normal 7 groups with the 2 classes in each – Adult (1 year old plus) and Puppy (up to 1 year old)

Novelty classes open to all
Puppy (up to 1 year old)
Adult (1 year old plus)
Veteran (7 plus years old)

To enter the Dog Show simply check out our Facebook page and post your pictures on the post for the class you want to enter.

The closing date for Dog Show entries is Friday 5th June with the results being announced when the show should have been taking place.