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History of the Show

Here you will find some information about the founding of the Royal Cheshire County Show and how it has grown over the years from a series of livestock competitions to the inclusive, varied and fantastic event that we enjoy today.

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The Cheshire Agricultural Society (CAS) was founded in 1838 by the landowning gentry of the county.

The Cheshire Agricultural Society (CAS) was founded in 1838 by the landed gentry of the county. The inspiration came from the founder President; Field Marshall Viscount Combermere, who was one of The Duke of Wellington’s generals at Waterloo. He later received his Field Marshall’s baton through his successful campaigns in Asia. Born Stapleton Cotton into a landowning family, he had travelled much in England and had observed better farming practice in the drier region of England than in his native Cheshire.

At the age of 65, the Field Marshall persuaded his fellow Cheshire landowners to set into motion a whole series of competitions to encourage better farming methods. This spirit was also transferred to competitions for rural people to ‘improve the moral and industrious way of life’.

The Royal Cheshire County Show has a wonderful history.

For over 100 years the mission statement of The Royal Cheshire County Show has been, “To promote agriculture and encourage the industrious and moral habits of the labouring portion of the community”. Our series of competitions for farms, crops and livestock are unchanged to this day. There is, of course, more variety but the big difference is that no prize is given to encourage betterment; the prestige of winning is sufficient.

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