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Welcome to the Girlguiding tent at the Royal Cheshire Virtual Show 2020!

As part of the largest organisation for girls and women in the UK we’ve been offering exciting opportunities and fun for girls and young women for over 100 years! We hope you enjoy our girlguiding showcase and feel encouraged to join us!

Get involved!

A warm welcome!

We are Girlguiding! Watch a video below to see more of what you can achieve with Girlguiding.

Great British Cheese Company

Principal Partner

When we think Cheese, we think of quality, artisan made products that can be appreciated by all. This is why we want the name ‘The Great British Cheese Company’ to become synonymous with award winning quality.

The tantalising flavours to the tastes of our childhoods where cheese on toast carried not only the cheese flavour but textures that caused us all to fall in love with the product is what we aim to bring back! As a nation of cheese lovers (the posh name is Turophile), we have become accustomed to bland, mass produced products. This is our main driving force and passion.

Cheese is life, and our cheese is as you used to know it. Cheese is not just an ingredient but should be the main feature of the dish, board or plate!

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