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Welcome to the Bandstand!

Here you will find videos of what our friends at Edsential, Love Music and Comberbach Primary School have been up to during lockdown to keep the music going!

Edsential Musical Routes

Thank you for joining Edsential Musical Routes on the virtual bandstand at this year’s Royal Cheshire Show.
Edsential Musical Routes brings quality music to all educational settings through instrumental and vocal tuition, tailored support, special projects, live music performances, creative workshops, and instrument hire. We nurture young musicians and help them progress on each step of their musical journey as individuals and within ensembles.

Edsential Musical Routes have proudly been running a day on the bandstand at the Royal Cheshire Show for a number of years. We invite schools from across Cheshire West and Chester to perform throughout the day with ensembles ranging from samba bands to school choirs and everything else in between.

During lockdown, our team of hardworking musicians and teachers at Edsential Musical Routes have been kept very busy providing online music lessons and creating resources for a large number of pupils across Cheshire West and Chester, and the Wirral.
We would like to share with you some of the projects which we have been working on in order to engage, motivate and inspire our pupils to continue making music whilst schools remained closed.

If you would like to get in touch with us, you can email us at or you can visit our website for more information here

Click on the button below for loads of activities to do at home, including some made especially for the Royal Cheshire Virtual Show!

Click here for activities to do at home!

VE Day 75th Anniversary Project - We'll Meet Again

To help commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE day, we decided to ask Edsential ensemble members to recreate the famous wartime song ‘We’ll Meet Again’ originally recorded by Dame Vera Lynn. We were absolutely amazed with the response from all of our musicians, with over 80 musicians signing up to take part. Members were asked to record themselves either singing along or playing the piece on their instrument. The recordings were collaborated and edited to make the finished video. We would like to say a special thank you to all those involved in creating this video. We are absolutely delighted to share with you our finished performance of ‘We’ll Meet Again’.

A Song for Our Time

At the start of lockdown, we sent out a template to all of our schools, asking for the children to send in their thoughts, observations, and emotions about the current situation. We had a great response and used the ideas to write a song, incorporating these. The idea is that when it is safe to do so, we will come together and perform this song at a concert.

In the meantime, we have recorded the song so that we can share it and celebrate the overwhelming positivity from the responses. It gives us great pleasure to be able to share this with all at the Royal Cheshire Show.

We cannot wait until the time comes when we can come together and perform this song, but for now, we really hope you will enjoy listening. We would like to say a huge thank you to all those who contributed to make this song possible.

First Access at Home

First Access at Home’ was created to help primary school aged pupils currently signed up to one of our in-school first access instrumental programmes. First Access is a weekly whole class instrumental lesson for children in Year 4, 5 or 6. Once schools began to close, we were faced with a big challenge. We had to think differently and change our approach in order to continue to help our pupils. In order to achieve this Edsential musicians planned and created a series of online, video-based lessons for a number of different instruments including Trumpet, Clarinet, Violin, Guitar and Percussion. Click on the button below to watch a trailer for First Access at Home and see what we have been getting up to.

Watch a trailer for First Access at Home

Comberbach Primary School's Year 6 Band play We Will Rock You in the video below!

Love Music Trust

During this difficult time of lockdown and school closures we have adapted the way we will be running our ensembles, small group and individual tuition as well as curriculum delivery both within school and at home.

If you have any specific questions about any of the information please contact

Find out more about our online offering!


During the summer term we have been running free online ensembles via zoom with the regular ensemble leaders. The aim of this has been to produce videos of the students playing that have then been edited into lockdown performance videos.

We have a number of ensembles running from Choirs to Big Bands and Percussion Ensembles to String and Folk Groups.

Junior Percussion Ensemble - Clave:

Nantwich Youth Choir - 30 second Falala:

Individual tuition

We are still offering individual tuition via zoom and is with the same Love Music Trust Tutors who would be teaching in schools. This has meant continuity has followed through from school to home lessons.


As part of our ongoing support for schools we have been providing a series of online learning opportunities for the students to keep them engaged in their music learning:

• Each week, all pupils at home will have access to a 30-minute music lesson and a c.5 minute daily singing activity (5 days per week). These are prerecorded by one of our team of tutors and distributed to schools on a weekly basis.
• Additionally, for pupils in school, 30-minute weekly ‘live’ lesson (one for EYFS/KS1 and one for KS2) is offered to each subscribing school.
• The lessons will be general music curriculum lessons, focus on a broad age range (one for EYFS/K1 and one for KS2). ‘Live’ lessons could be enhanced by the use of any percussion equipment already in schools – but is not essential.

A message from Emma Clark - Headteacher at Elworth Hall

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