The Royal Cheshire County Show Presents “Live! At the Show”, an evening of hits in the Cheshire countryside!


The Royal Cheshire County Show is thrilled to unveil “Live! At the Show”- A wonderful free concert for everyone attending the Show on Tuesday 20th June. 

The concert will be hosted by Darren Proctor and Lauren Simon of Happy Radio and there is an exciting lineup of talent including

Odyssey: Prepare to dance the night away as Odyssey grace the stage, renowned for their disco and soul-infused hits like “Native New Yorker” and “Use It Up and Wear It Out.” Experience the magic of their infectious rhythms and captivating vocal harmonies that have earned them a special place in music history.

Katrina (formerly of Katrina & the Waves): Witness the indomitable Katrina, winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, as she unleashes her powerhouse vocals and delivers iconic tracks like “Walking on Sunshine” and “Love Shine a Light.” Get ready to sing along to these timeless anthems that continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.

Five Star: Relive the magic of 80’s soul-pop with Five Star, as they take the stage to perform their chart-topping hits like “System Addict,” “Rain or Shine,” and “Can’t Wait Another Minute.” Let their dynamic energy and infectious melodies transport you back to the golden age of pop music.

Brother Beyond: Get ready to reminisce with Brother Beyond, the beloved 80s boy band known for their catchy tunes such as “The Harder I Try” and “He Ain’t No Competition.” Join in the excitement as they deliver an unforgettable performance, bringing their signature charm and nostalgia to the Live! At the Show stage.

Family-Friendly Entertainment: Live! At the Show is a celebration for the whole family. The funfair will remain open throughout the concert ensuring children can continue to swing, twirl, and enjoy thrilling rides all evening long. Additionally, we are excited to offer free face painting for children, adding an extra touch of magic to their concert experience.

Delectable Array Of Culinary Delights: In addition to the electrifying music, our food stalls will remain open throughout the concert, tantalising attendees’ taste buds. From savoury street food to mouthwatering desserts, the food stalls will offer a diverse range of options to satisfy your palate. Whether you’re craving traditional festival favourites or gourmet treats, you can indulge in a culinary adventure that perfectly complements the incredible music experience. So arrive hungry and treat yourself to a delightful feast as you immerse yourself in the captivating ambience of Live! At the Show.

Tickets for this year’s Royal Cheshire County Show can be purchased in advance at a discount from the Show website Everyone purchasing a ticket and attending on Tuesday 20th June will be entitled to free entry into Live! At the show, which will commence at 6pm. Alternatively, tickets will also be available for purchase at the gate on the day of the event, providing flexibility for those who prefer to decide last minute.

It’s important to note that attending the Royal Cheshire County Show during the day is not a requirement to enjoy the Live! At the Show. Simply join us in the evening for an incredible musical experience, tickets available at 

Live! At the Show represents The Royal Cheshire County Show’s commitment to celebrating 185 years of the Show. It is also a sign of appreciation to our valued customers for their continued support, especially during hard economic times. The exceptional live music experience which will leave all attendees enthralled is free to all those attending the Show on Tuesday the 20th of June.”- Rob Davenport, Show Director.