The Royal Cheshire County Show Is Delighted To Announce That Extreme Bike Battle Will Be Joining Us In June!


The Extreme Bike Battle fuses multiple disciplines together for the ultimate adrenaline-fuelled show.

The set up for The Royal Cheshire County Show involves a unique Freestyle Motocross (FMX) lorry rig that unfolds to create a landing structure which the riders boost themselves from the take off jump ramp to unleash gravity-defying airborne manoeuvres.

The team consist of the UK’s very best professional show performers who have over 15 years experience. Extreme Bike Battle make up 5 different show teams performing all year round across the UK.

During the event visitors can expect a thrilling buzz as the commentators engages with the audience as the team build the level of tricks up from the more basic starting moves right up to the death-defying finishing stunts such as the elusive backflip!

“We have not visited the Royal Cheshire shows yet so can’t wait to pull out all the stops for you.” comments the team.

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