Sam On The Farm: It’s Lambing Season!


It feels like Spring is in the air on the Farm and there’s no better picture of Spring than newborn lambs everywhere! Before our new lambs are born in April, we need to know how many lambs we’re expecting and for that we need a sheep scanner! It’s important to know how many lambs there will be so that we can feed the expectant mothers accordingly as the more lambs they’re having the more feed they’ll need! Our scanner is called James, he uses an ultrasound scanner to work out how many lambs each ewe is due to give birth to, he can also work out roughly when the lambs are due to be born. April is going to be a busy month for new births, not only will our lambs be arriving, but I’m going to become a new Dad too as our new baby arrives, there’ll be plenty of late-night bottle feeds both at home and at the Farm too!

Written by Sam Walton