Sam on the Farm: February on the Farm


By Sam Walton

It’s February on the Farm and the days are starting to feel a little longer ever so slightly. When the sun is out it very much feels like Spring, but then 10 minutes later it can be throwing it down with rain!

The livestock are all doing really well and bearing up well with the wet weather we’ve been having. Both the Herefords at home, and the Red Poll cattle at work are all being fed baled haylage now which we are taking out to them on the tractor, thank goodness for four wheel drive!

We’ve also had the Vet here at the Farm to pregnancy scan the Red Poll girls. You may remember that we had a Hereford Bull on loan last year and now it’s time to see if he’s done his job! When cows are pregnancy scanned, an ultrasound scanner is used and the vet should be able to see the embryo and see if everything’s OK, it’s all very technical but it’s such a benefit to have that facility. Let’s find out how we got on!

Hopefully next time we speak we should have drier fields, warmer weather and Spring may be on the way… fingers crossed!