County Show boosts region’s economy by over £4.5m.

Royal Cheshire County Show 2017

A report commissioned by the organisers of the Royal Cheshire County Show has highlighted a significant economic contribution to the region. Over 300 attendees were interviewed during the 2-day event, revealing insights into their spending, both at the show and off site in the local area.

Nigel Evans, Executive Director of the Cheshire Agricultural Society and organiser of the show said, “We wanted to understand where our visitors were coming from, what they look for at the show and how this translated into economic benefits for the region as a whole. The show was blessed with scorching weather this year – an absolute dream for us as organisers!”

Research conducted at the event confirmed the sentiment of loyal show attendees who all said they would recommend the show to friends and over 99% would return the following year.

33% of show visitors are from outside Cheshire, with 7500 booking overnight accommodation specifically for the event, generating in excess of £600,000 in revenue. Coupled with shopping, food and drink and other entertainment spend in the locality, this accounts for almost £700,000 of spend outside the scope of the show.

Total increase in local economic revenue calculated as a direct result of The Royal Cheshire County Show taking place, including, employment, shopping, entertainment, restaurants, accommodation and travel, both on and offsite is estimated at over £4.5 million. The show, which has charity status, and its many employees, volunteers and associated businesses are closely embedded in the local economy, translating as a welcome financial injection into the region.

Attracting over 80,000 visitors each year, the Royal Cheshire County Show encapsulates everything we know and love about summertime in Cheshire