The Royal Cheshire County Show plays host to hundreds of livestock classes, including cattle, sheep, goats and pigs, as they all compete for the many coveted trophies available.

The Cattle section, sponsored by Principal Partner  Chester’s Dee 106.3 and Cheshire’s 106.9 Radio is not only host to the very familiar black white of the dairy Holstein Friesians, but also cattle breeds including South Devon’s, also known as Orange Elephants or Giant Cows, the largest native breed we have, through to the diminutive Dexter cattle which is the smallest native breed in the UK and everything in between.

It really is worth seeking the cattle section out, just to see the huge variety of breeds.

The sheep section is popular as visitors always seem to admire the many varieties of the breeds and the high standard to which they are prepared for the show ring.

Pigs always draw a crowd as people do not often have the opportunity to get close to these enigmatic animals. From the traditional Gloucestershire Old spots to the modern day commercial pigs. The pig section is definitely a must see during your visit.

The Royal Cheshire County Show is proud to boast as having one of the largest Dairy Goat sections in the country, so be sure to pop in and see them as these naturally inquisitive animals will certainly be pleased to see you!

From Dairy goats you must pay a visit to the marquee next door and see the Pygmy Goats, an exact and charming replica of Dairy Goats only in miniature.