Fur and Feather Marquee

Tuesday 16th June – Only 

The Royal Cheshire County Show – Poultry & Egg Competition

With its brightly decorated interior and high standard of presentation of exhibits, the Tuesday visitor can visit the Royal Cheshire Championship Poultry Show marquee where over 200 classes are judged comprising of over 700 birds.  From Bantams to Turkeys, Old English Game to Waterfowl, there is something for everyone in this must see marquee.

Make sure you take time to view the Championship row where you will not only see the Best in Show bird on display, but also all the other section winners of the day!

There is also a Royal Championship Egg Show taking place on the Tuesday with over 60 classes and 800 plates so you can view these perfect eggs!

The show also hosts Junior classes for Poultry and Eggs, including best garden or pet chicken and best decorated egg.

The public will have access to the Poultry and Egg marquee from 8.00am

 Wednesday 17th June – Only

Poultry Exhibition,  Pigeons, Rabbits & Cavies (Guinea Pigs)

Poultry Exhibition and advice on poultry keeping.

On Wednesday only the Egg marquee will be open from 9am and  plays host to a Poultry Exhibition where you can see various breeds on display and get helpful advice on poultry keeping. Three Poultry club of Great Britain judges will be in attendance.

So if you are thinking of keeping a few hens in the garden or maybe thinking of showing for the first time, be sure to visit this marquee for free advice.


With some 113 classes covering Fancy, Lops, Fur and Rex, including 7 junior classes all competing to be show Champion Rabbit, it really I worth ‘hopping’ into the Rabbit show marquee to see the tremendous variety of this popular pet.


If you are interested in tipplers, tumblers, rollers and racers, then the Pigeon show is for you. With 90 classes to see there will be a vast array of birds on display.

Cavies  (Guinea Pigs)

A wonderful array of colours, short and long hairs plus rare varieties competing to the best Cavy at the Show, these captivating cavies are sure to leave you smiling.

The above marquee can be found between the Show Jumping ring and Goat marquees