Agri-Centre Educates on Plough to Plate.

Agri Centre

The Agri–Centre is a must see experience, highlighting how heavily we rely on the land and soil for the food on our plates. And you’ll be hard pressed to miss it – with a massive 40-foot combine taking pride of place outside!

Whether you fancy a pint of milk, a lump of cheese, butter for your toast or an ice cream to cool you down at the show, The Agri-Centre has it covered. The milking demonstrations by local farmers give a fantastic insight into how they care for these iconic Cheshire animals, and provide opportunities to taste their dairy delights.

See for yourselves calves being fed to be reared into top quality beef, and then identify the different beef joints followed by a master butcher show off his skills.

Everyone is welcome to listen to Cheshire farming celebrities talking about their animals and the food they produce for you. A variety of demonstrations will be taking place during both days.

The Information Hub shows all the crops that Cheshire farmers grow in the fields and the different foods that are made from them. From potatoes to crisps, wheat to bread and oats to porridge, it gives everyone the chance to see how their food is really produced.

Demonstrations are taking place on both days from 10am and include shearing sheep for wool, feeding calves who will provide our future Sunday joint, milking the cows for shops and supermarkets, mother sow and her piglets for bacon and hatching chickens to lay the future eggs to go with it.

The symbol of British food – the Red Tractor will also feature in the centre. Providing information on what this important brand means for British farming and how to find out if your food is Red Tractor accredited and what it means to the consumer.

“We are trying to promote agriculture and to demonstrate how it can be included in education,” said Antony Millington who will be overseeing the centre. “We are working with local schools to showcase how food and farming can be incredibly useful to the learning process.”

There will also be ice cream tasting, pork recipe tasters, not to mention milk and cheese sampling and while you are in the Agri Centre you can watch bread making and a butchery demonstration, there is even a possibility of trying a squirrel burger!!