Light Horse

Judges 2017

Tuesday 20 June 2017 
HOYS Cuddy In Hand Championship QualifierMrs L Rowntree, West Midlands
Sport Horse Young StockMrs P Powley, Cheshire
HOYS & Novice Ridden HuntersRide - Mrs B Sturgis, Wiltshire
Conf - Mr S Hollings, Lancashire
HOYS Small Show HunterRide - Mrs B Sturgis, Wiltshire
Conf - Mr S Hollings, Lancashire
HOYS Ladies Side Saddle of the YearRide - Mrs M Traves, North Yorkshire
Conf - Mr S Hollings, Lancashire
HOYS/Restricted Working HuntersRide - Mr S Somers, Suffolk
Conf - Lady Howick, Northumberland
Side SaddleMrs M Traves, North Yorkshire
Side Saddle Costume Concours D’EleganceMrs C Sage, Cheshire
Blue Chip Flat Ridden Sport Horse QualifierMrs P Powley, Cheshire
HOYS HackRide - Mrs S Tanner, Buckinghamshire
Conf - Miss R Helliwell, Cumbria
HOYS CobRide - Miss N Taylor, Lancashire
Conf - Miss Z Pawley, Norfolk
HOYS Riding HorseRide - Miss R Helliwell, Cumbria
Conf - Mrs S Tanner, Buckinghamshire
HOYS M&M WHPPhase 1 - Mrs R Keeling, Suffolk
Phase 2 - Mr M Lawrence, Bristol
M&M Novice WHPPhase 1 - Mrs C Frith, Shropshire
Phase 2 - Mr K Scott, Aberdeenshire
In Hand Anglo or Part Bred & Pure Bred ArabMrs F Atkinson, Norfolk
HOYS Ridden Pure Bred ArabsMiss J Miller, Greater Manchester
Ridden Anglo & Part Bred ArabsMrs P Hollings, Lancashire
HOYS Ridden Partbred Pony of the YearRide - Miss J Miller, Greater Manchester
Conf - Mrs J Hoyle, Lancashire
SSADL 1st Round QualifierMrs J K Bushell, Merseyside
Mrs J Griffin, Nottinghamshire
SSADL 2nd Round QualifierMrs E Checkett, Staffordshire
Mrs L J Marsden, Lancashire
World BreedsMr T C Court, Herefordshire
Skewbald & Piebald In HandMrs M Gillette, Cambridgeshire
Skewbald & Piebald RiddenRide - Mrs E Edwards-Bradley, Devon
Conf - Mrs M Gillette, Cambridgeshire
Welsh PartbredMrs J V Parry, Wrexham (Talponciau)
ShetlandsMs L E Henson, Shropshire
In Hand M&M Ponies
StallionsMrs C H Robinson, Cumbria
HighlandMrs C H Robinson, Cumbria
DalesMrs C H Robinson, Cumbria
FellMrs C H Robinson, Cumbria
ConnemaraMiss K Wainwright, Cheshire
DartmoorMiss K Wainwright, Cheshire
ExmoorMiss K Wainwright, Cheshire
New ForestMiss K Wainwright, Cheshire
Young HandlerMr K Baskeyfield, Derbyshire
Riding Pony BreedingMrs J Stuart, Warwickshire
Wednesday 21 June 2017 
Private Driving & TradeMrs C Dale-Leech MBE, Derbyshire
Concours D’EleganceMrs K Chadwick, Anglesey
HOYS M&M Ponies Ridden
- Junior & Small BreedsPhase 1 - Mrs K Scott, Aberdeenshire
Phase 2 - Mr J Bourne, Staffordshire
- Large BreedsPhase 1 - Mrs P Cox, Somerset
Phase 2 - Mrs C Smalley, Hertfordshire
M&M NovicePhase 1 - Mr K Baskeyfield, Derbyshire
Phase 2 - Mrs H Horsfall, Lancashire
HOYS M&M Lead Rein & First RiddenPhase 1 - Mr A T Robertson, Herefordshire
Phase 2 - Mrs C Frith, Shropshire
DonkeysMr C Porter, Lancashire
Welsh Ponies & Cobs
- Section AMrs E Russell, Glasgow (Gartconnel)
- Section BMr D W Jones, Gwynedd (Telynau)
- Section CMr D H Jenkins, Ceredigion (Brohedyyd)
- Section DMr H L Shaw, Staffordshire (Deoniaeth)
Welsh Part BredMrs J V Parry, Wrexham (Talponciau)
Junior Handler, Champion Gelding, Welsh Foal & YoungstockMiss B Cobley, Gwent (Tryfel)
HOYS Ridden Show PoniesPhase 1 - Ms J Thompson, Northumberland
Phase 2 - Mrs D Christie, Leicestershire
HOYS Open Intermediate Show Riding TypePhase 1 - Mrs D Christie, Leicestershire
Phase 2 - Ms J Thompson, Northumberland
Novice Intermediate Show Riding TypePhase 1 - Mrs F Cabrol, Essex
Phase 2 - Mrs E Edwards-Brady, Devon
HOYS First Ridden & Lead ReinPhase 1 - Mrs E Edwards-Brady, Devon
Phase 2 - Mrs F Cabrol, Essex
Novice Show PonyPhase 1 - Mrs F Cabrol, Essex
Phase 2 - Mrs E Edwards-Brady, Devon
HOYS Working Hunter PoniesPhase 1 - Mrs J Griffin, Nottinghamshire
Phase 2 - Mrs R Keeling, Norfolk
Nursery Stakes & Cradle StakesPhase 1 - Mr P Stringer, Staffordshire
Phase 2 - Ms S Lears, Lancashire
Novice Working Hunter PoniesPhase 1 - Ms S Lears, Lancashire
Phase 2 - Mr P Stringer, Staffordshire
Lord Leverhulme Gold CupMrs M Shaw, Cheshire
Miss H Shaw, Cheshire
HOYS Show Hunter PonyPhase 1 - Miss J Perkins, Worcestershire
Phase 2 - Mrs S Tanner, Buckinghamshire
HOYS Lead Rein Pony of Hunter TypePhase 1 - Miss J Perkins, Worcestershire
Phase 2 - Mrs S Tanner, Buckinghamshire
HOYS Intermediate Show Hunter TypePhase 1 - Mrs S Tanner, Buckinghamshire
Phase 2 - Miss J Perkins, Worcestershire
Novice Show Hunter PonyMr J Bourne, Staffordshire